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The question our group wanted to answer was: what types of jobs were readily available to Irish immigrants in the mid to late 1800's. The argument we present is that the discrimination and religious persecution these Irish immigrants faced played a large role in the jobs they were able to aquire, and it also affected their treatment once in the workforce. We wanted to make sure to include the most relavent jobs that Irish immigrants held including domestic service, their role in the war, in the construction railroads, and also in coal mines. We thought by setting up these categories as such we could aquire a large contrast of insights about indvidual experiences, and also what role gender played in terms of the job types both genders held. Treatment of Irish immigrants has been something we are all aware of, and it is universally known that they suffered through harsh treatment from employers, and many other Americans. Our group wanted to understand more about exactly what kinds of obstacles they were up against, and how these hardships forced them to rise up and fight harder for the lives they wanted.

Group roles:

Molly Hamdan: I had the responsibility of looking into Irish female immigrants and needed to figure out what jobs were readily available to them, and also how prejudices againtst these women affected how they were treated once they had jobs.

Elizabeth Thompson: I tasked myself with looking into jobs that the Irish had on the Transcontinental Railroad and what the conditions were like and how prejudices in cities played a role in the employment of these immigrants.

Chris Leary: I had the responsibility of obtaining background information about Irish immigrants' journey to America, espeically in relation to the potato famine.

Karim Abdelnour: I had the responsibility to argue about the discrimination of the Irish immigrants labor in coal mines.

Matthew Paulino: I tasked myself with answering the jobs that were available to the Irish within the Military. More specifically I highlighted the Irish involvement in the civil war, and the many historical battles they took part in. 

Carlos Carreras-Soto: I hade the responsbility to help Chris add to the background section of the website. My part of the background consisted of the living situations for the Irish at the time.

About Us:

Elizabeth Thompson is a Junior at George Mason and is a Conflict Analysis and Resolution major.

Karim Abdelnour is a Junior at George Mason and is an Acounting major.

Matthew Paulino is a Senior at George Mason majoring in Global Affairs with a concentration in Global Governance. He worked on the civil war section, and was assisted by Karim who made the map.

Maliha Hamdan is an English Lit major and sophmore here at GMU, her responsibility for this project was looking into Irish female labor.

Chris Leary is a Junior at George Mason and is an Information Technology major.

Carlos Carreras-Soto is a Senior at George Mason and is a Sports Management major.