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A celebration of the ethnic groups that provide the United States and Canada with their rich and varied cultural heritage. Narrates the history and culture of specific immigrant or native populations. Generously illustrated with photographs, maps,…

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This source discusses the beginnings of the transcontinental railroad.

The men who found the remains of Irish railroad workers in 2002 wrote this novel about the events that took place and their findings.

An article about Duffy's Cut and what was found there. The main point is that there were skulls found with blunt force trauma before death, indicating foul play.

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Kathleen O'Neal describes the pain experienced by Irish immigrants in Philadelphia as "No Irish Need Apply" signs littered the city. She wants to see an America where Irish people can work anywhere they'd like.

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Enclosure near the Amtrak (formerly PRR) tracks near Malvern, PA, built as a memorial to Irish workers who died during a Cholera epidemic at "Duffy's Cut" - mile 59. Enclosure apparently built with stones used in the 1832 construction, but it itself…

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Map of the northeastern United States indicating stations along the completed railroad lines.
- Scale 1:2,250,000.
- LC Railroad maps, 88
- Description derived from published bibliography.
- Inset: Eastern Massachusetts and part of N.…

Conditions and morale while building the railroads as told by a 60 year old Scotch-Irish man.
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